Player Eligibility




Each student on the football team atParkviewHigh Schoolmust be eligible under the conditions set forth by the Georgia High School Association and the Gwinnett County Board of Education.  The major requirements for eligibility are:

  • Completed medical authorization (physical) and history form
  • Completed insurance waiver form
  • Meet residential zones
  • Must be “on track” towards graduation. 
  • Must pass 5 of 6 courses previous semester
  • All of these requirements can be viewed at



Each athlete must understand that academics have full priority over athletics.  The coaching staff fully supports the academic requirements set for athletes by the Georgia High School Association and the Gwinnett County Board of Education.

  • We expect our athletes to give instructors at ParkviewHigh Schoolcomplete respect at all times.  It is just as important to be gentlemen as it is to be a good football player.  These two qualities go hand in hand.  We expect our athletes to take an ACTIVE role in their academic progress.  The following plan explains our academic expectations for our football team members:
    • Study Hall (during the season) takes place from 2:15-3:10 on Monday and Thursday.  Athletes either attend help sessions with instructors or report to the study hall classroom supervised by coaches.
    • Throughout the course of the semester, progress reports will be issued to the athletes to get their instructors to sign and return to check academic progress.  Once a failing grade is identified, we will work with the athlete to encourage and identify the reason for the failing grade and work to pull that grade back up.
    • At any time an athlete begins failing 2 classes, the athlete is placed on the Weekly Progress Report Plan.  The athlete will then be issued a progress report form on Monday and be required to return it to his position coach on Thursday for those failing courses until the grade is pulled up. Showing progress on the report even though still failing will allow the athlete to continue to participate and play.  Failure to return the form by the due date will result in the athlete being unable to participate in the contest for that week at the discretion of the head coach. This is the responsibility of the athlete and NOT the instructor of the failing class.  This report will hopefully show the student making progress towards pulling the failing grade up.  The grade may not be able to change in a week’s time, but the student can still show progress by: getting help during study hall, completing homework assignments, participating in class, etc. Failure to show progress will result in athlete being unable to participate in the contest for that week.  If an athlete remains on the Weekly Progress Report plan for more than two weeks without showing progress will be placed on Academic Probation. (see next paragraph)
    • An athlete who fails to show progress for more than two weeks or at any time begins to fail 3 classes will be placed on Academic Probation. The athlete will remain on the weekly progress report plan for all courses involved, but will also not be allowed to dress out for any contests until the situation is resolved.  The athlete will remain on academic probation until adequate progress is made in the courses involved. When he gets back to only two failing grades and is making progress in those areas, he will be allowed to begin to play again  Once this is achieved, the athlete will be allowed to dress out for contests, but will remain on the Weekly Progress Report Plan until the end of the semester. If at anytime an athlete is failing 4 classes, he will be suspended from the team until he decides his school work is a priority.  We will not win with the attitude that school does not matter.
    • The academic policy in place has proven to be successful and motivational.  If a PARENT ELECTS to remove an athlete from the team for academic or discipline reasons, the athlete will be required to turn in all issued equipment and will remain off the team until the conclusion of the season.  There will be no reinstatements.
    • During the off-season, the Weekly Progress Report Plan will continue unless the athlete is participating in an academic program for another sport.  We will work with the other sport to coordinate proof that academic progress is still being achieved.



  • We expect our athletes to adhere to the disciplinary codes set by the school personnel.  Any athlete receiving in-school or out-of-school suspension will be suspended from football during his assigned days.  These problems will not be tolerated and will be dealt with promptly on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Every team member should clearly understand that he is expected to abstain from undesirable “activities” that are not compatible with or are counter-productive to the welfare of the team.  Individual excesses are detrimental to group successes!
  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverage or any tobacco or smoking materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Use or possession of any substance listed under the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (drugs) is prohibited.
  • An important trait a person can have is loyalty.  We would like to feel that each athlete is 100% behind all Parkview Football endeavors.  In the event that an athlete or parent does not understand something, is confused or has a complaint, we encourage discussions of the problems with the coach, without fear of recrimination or reprisal. 
  • Actions or attitudes that are detrimental to team morale or unity will not be tolerated. Instant removal from the team is possible on the 1st offense.