Player Packet

  Parkview Panther Player Packet

Player Introductions BEAVHIOR AND DRESS CODE


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 The Parkview Football Website is available to keep us informed about all of our activities.  It is constantly being updated with new information and pictures.    Some of the information you will find on the website is:

  • Game Schedules
  • Team Rosters
  • Calendar of Events
  • Information on Coaches
  • Pictures
  • Results & Standings
  • Records & Statistics
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Fundraiser Information
  • News & Updates
  • Information on Our Sponsors
  • Cheerleader News & Information
  • Links toMountainParkandParkviewHigh Schoolwebsites
  • Directions to Games

Football Lettering Policy 

  1. Be a member of the team in good standing (No Repeated Referrals)(No unbecoming conduct on or off campus)
  1. Play in at least 20 quarters of Varsity Football (one play constitutes a quarter) 
  1. Be a member of the team in good standing for three consecutive years.
  1. At the discretion of the Head Coach


Policies and expectations

Rules and Regulations:  All players will follow all rules and regulations and meet expectations set forth by the head coach or face immediate consequences/ termination from the program. If you break the rules, you suffer the consequences. Football is not for the undisciplined.

Jewelry/ Sagging Jeans, Shorts, Pants

Players are not allowed to wear jewelry (ear rings) in the field house or at any football related event. Outside of football activities, I am happy to have them wear their ear rings at school but never at Football related events. I have no problem with players wearing ear rings as long as they follow what I have in place for football activities. Additionally, in accordance with school rules, ALL STUDENTS  are expected to wear all pants or shorts at the proper waist level. Their underwear or shorts worn under jeans cannot be visible.  This is a ZERO Tolerance policy. Those who do not adhere to it will be disciplined  in accordance with school policy and will lose playing time for lack of respect for the  school and program’s rules and regulations. Unresolved and repeated issues with this policy will result in suspension and termination from the program.

UNEXCUSED absences: The unexcused missing of school or cutting class,  will result in automatic loss of playing time and termination from the program if it continues,  IF YOU SKIP SCHOOL  YOU WILL NOT BE ON THE FIELD

 During the school year  Two In- School suspensions or out of school suspensions (2 or more days) will result in   suspension of your playing time ranging from one game  and/or removal  from the team at the discretion of the Head Coach. If the events occur outside of our season the penalties will carry over.   We are not here to run students out of the program but those who are constantly in trouble will be dismissed.  We are going to have respect for the rules and regulations of the school.

Tardies to class that result in assignment to detention, In-school suspension,  or Saturday school will result in discipline ranging from a one quarter suspension to a full game suspension or being suspended for the entire year. WE will not be late to ACADEMIC CLASSES. Coming late to weight training or missing a scheduled meeting will result in a terminator session for you.  If you don’t show for the terminator session, you won’t play!


Each player will have a picture of how his locker and immediate floor area are required to look each day.  When it does not meet the standard set by the Head Coach, the athlete will lose varsity locker room privileges.  He will be moved to the freshmen locker room (space permitting) or to the board room to dress. He will be required to stay out of the varsity locker room except on game day for meetings. THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY! If you lose your privilege you lose it. Being a “Team Member” includes keeping your space neat and clean. MRSA is Deadly. I will not have it wreck our team.

Rules about music, food, language, who is allowed in locker room, locker set up, entry/ exit to and from the locker room, etc. will also be posted and those who do not adhere to them will be removed from the locker room and/or team at the Head Coach’s discretion.  Players will adhere to the Head Coach’s rules about conduct in the locker room and on the practice and game fields. Seniors only may exit using the front hall.  All others use the side door for entry and exit. NO PLAYER COMES IN THE FRONT DOOR OF THE FIELD HOUSE.

Each player will be assigned clean-up duty 3-4 times during the year. This will be a day when he will be the last one to leave the locker room.  Players have exactly 20 minutes from the time they enter the field house after practice to shower and vacate the building. Players who hang around in the building will be assigned to duty.  This is so the clean-up crew can get their jobs done in the next 15 minutes.    Failure to stay for clean-up will result in at least a one quarter to a full game suspension in the game that week to removal from the team.


These rules will be strictly followed and when we say ” DON’T DO THAT,” that is exactly what it means.  If you can’t follow the rules, you won’t be in the locker room!! Each player will have posted in his locker a picture of how his area will be maintained on a daily basis.


1)      No screaming and yelling (THIS REFERS TO JUST BEING LOUD AND HAVING NO RESPECT THAT ANYONE ELSE IS IN THE OFFICE WORKING), loud or inappropriate music, profanity, or use of “racial slurs will be tolerated.

2)      Cursing (USE OF PROFANITY)  will not be tolerated in the locker room, on the practice and game fields, in the school building, or just plain walking around. If a coach or faculty member reports to me that profanity was used the following consequences will take place. Any and ALL swearing and curse words have fines associated with them for COACHES AND PLAYERS!  4 letter curse words cost $5.00 each.  Multiple four letter words costs $10.00 Use of “racial slurs” will cost $10.00.  Using the Lord’s name in vain (GD) will cost you $20.00. AND NO YOU CANNOT PAY AHEAD!   IN THE EVENT YOU CANNOT PAY, YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED COMMUNITY SERVICE AND/OR SATURDAY SCHOOL WITH 1 hour as a minimum to a 2 hour maximum per event. Multiple words mean multiple time not to exceed 4 hours per occurrence.   IF you refuse, you don’t have to play and you will be removed from the program.   Every month, the money collected will go to someone’s Church Mission ministry. This will be from a player’s church, and will rotate each month. When we have a month when we have no money collected, the coaches will donate $100.00 to a Church mission. Players may donate too.    IF YOUR CURSING CONTINUES TO THE POINT OF NO RESOLVE, THEN YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TEAM!!!

3)      No rough-housing, wrestling, towel popping or other similar behavior.  In other words, NO HORSE PLAY.

4)      No pushing and shoving, running, throwing any item over the lockers or at someone.

5)      NO changing anyone’s locker tag. If you disturb, move, destroy, or take anyone’s locker tag, you will be removed from the locker room.  If you  go into anyone else’s locker, or take anything from anyone else’s locker without their permission, you will be dismissed from the team.


7)      Your locker top and bottom will remain locked at all times. If I find it unlocked, I will leave it that way so all of your things can be freely stolen!  If you lock your locker, ALL OF YOUR ITEMS WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU GET BACK.  DON’T COME CRYING TO ME ABOUT SOMEONE STEALING YOUR STUFF. READ NUMBER 5 AGAIN VERY CAREFULLY.

8)      If you use your cell phone or any other type of recording device to take pictures and/or videos of a dispute or any other action in the locker room among players you will be suspended for 2 weeks as a minimum.  If anything (picture, comment, video ) shows up anywhere on my space, your space , their space, anybody’s space, YOU TUBE, or similar sites,  you will be dismissed from the team.  Kids are kids they are going to have disagreements but they are going to be taught to handle it in the correct manner.

9)      In the event a fight breaks out between students in the field house, the school building, the cafeteria, or anywhere on campus and you are pointed out by a faculty member or coach as: A) being in the crowd watching or B) you are enticing or baiting someone to fight or C) have an argument, verbal or physical altercation, you will be suspended from the football team as the GHSA mandates for fights during games. YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.  YOU CANNOT BREAK IT UP AFTER IT STARTS AND YOU’D BETTER NOT BE AROUND IT. (MINIMUM ONE GAME SUSPENSION) If you are directed to leave an area, vacate, or disperse (Move away) by a teacher, coach, or administrator or if you are observed causing a disturbance, you will be disciplined over and above whatever the school administration determines. This will range from quarter suspensions to game suspension to dismissal from the program, AS FOOTBALL PLAYERS, YOU WILL BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD!  AS PLAYERS, YOU HAD BETTER TAKE THIS ADVICE AND RUN FROM ANY EVENT THAT LOOKS LIKE A CONFRONTATION, ARGUMENT, DISAGREEMENT, OR FIGHT IF YOU WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL FOR PARKVIEW.

10)   ALL Players will report to practice and games fully and properly equipped. If not properly equipped, penalties will start at a one quarter suspension and proceed at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Weight Training

Weight training is a key aspect of our team’s success and is required of all our high school level football players. We cannot and will not compete with players who do not train and prepare. All Football players are expected to take weight training all four years of high school. We ask that rising 9th graders take PE 101 and Health the summer before their freshman year begins so that they have space in their schedule as freshmen to lift. Without it, our young players do not get to lift for their entire freshmen year and are always behind in their training.

1.      School Year Weight Training

High School Athletes:  Weight training is offered in a class format every period of the day.  Our advanced class is offered first period and is for the varsity players. Selected JV players are also placed in First period classes.  All other players (JV and 9th) are placed in class throughout the day.  We encourage and expect them to be active in strength development. It is a key to winning and being successful.


Weight-Training Requirement:


Football Season


We will lift 4 days per week





We will lift 5 days per week in growth mode


Eighth Grade Athletes: Weight training sessions will be held for all 8th grade athletes beginning January 7th after school at 445 p.m. These athletes will lift on Tuesday and Thursday. While not mandatory, athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in these workouts if they wish to be in peak physical condition for high school football and to help buildParkviewHigh School into the premier football program in the state of Georgia.

2.      Summer Workouts

Summer workout/practices will begin on May 26th and will be held at the following times throughout the summer:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at:


  • All players (including incoming freshman) are expected to be at summer weight training except for two weeks of scheduled vacation. Athletes who do not show up in the summer for summer workouts will fall behind and will not be prepared to compete. Lack of preparation will always result in loss of playing time. This is to insure our athletes are in prime physical condition and not at risk of serious injury.
  • Workout credit may be granted by Coach Flowe for athletes attending various football related camps. Prior approval is required. (one Camp Maximum)
  • Parents are strongly urged to schedule vacations (two weeks) between May 24 and July 31. Please try to use the dead week (July 4th week) and make sure vacations end before Aug 1st, our official start day. Players who schedule vacation after July 31st will not be on the team.  We only have 3 weeks to practice before our first game.
  • FUND RAISING.  All players who participate on any of our teams will be asked to participate in two fundraising events during the year. First is our annual Iron Man Lift A Thon Competition The actualcompetition this year is on April 28th (this coming Monday after school ) for he varsity and JV players and on Tuesday April29th for all of our rising freshmen and sub freshmen players. Each player is requested to raise a minimum of $150 for the program during the month of April and May for our Lift A Thon Iron Man program.  Those that raise $200 or more will be included in an Out Back Dinner at no cost to the Player. This money is due at the end of May.    The second team fundraiser will be are discount card sales and will begin on Aug1 and conclude with blitz day on Saturday Aug 30th.  Each player will be responsible for the sale of 10 cards. PERSONAL CHECKS CANNOT BE USED BY THE PLAYERS PARENT TO PAY FOR THESE FUNDRAISING ITEMS (EXAMPLE Billy collects $200.00 in pledges in checks and cash from various people in the neighborhood.  His parents ask the checks to be made out to them personally and then they write a check to the club for the total amount)   We cannot accept one check from a parent to cover these items  Parents may pay by credit card, debit card  or by money order.  Individual checks and cash collected by players from supporting members of our community will be accepted and checks must be  made out to the Parkview Touch Down Club INC. 

3.      Player Fees and member ship dues. 

Each player has a $325.00 players fee that is due on August 1st.  They may raise extra money in our lift a thon (Anything over 200) or sell more coupon cards  to help cover the cost.  There is a handout for this.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS CAN BE WRITTEN FOR These Items. You may pay by credit or debit card or by cash.


4.  All high school level players, rising sophomores and higher, are required to complete

     The Panther Physical Fitness Test in the summer just prior to our fall camp opening   

      Test will be given on the following date:

Summer Test: July 22nd @3:30, re-test July 29th 3:30

Off-Season Speed & agility Training

Speed and agility workouts will be held after school on Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 2:40 beginning January 8th of each year and running through the end of April until spring training begins.

All athletes not participating in another school sponsored sport are strongly encouraged to participate in the speed training workouts.

Practice Attendance

1.      All players are REQUIRED to be in attendance at EVERY practice or workout unless excused by Coach Flowe (or their team’s head coach) PRIOR to the workout.

2.      Excused Absence: Only direct parent contact with Coach Flowe (or player’s team’s head coach) PRIOR to a scheduled practice will be considered for an excused absence. After the fact notification will not be excused.

3.      Athletes who miss practice with an excused absence will be required to make up conditioning following their next practice. This is to insure the athlete’s safety and to guarantee the athlete is in top shape to participate in full scale practices/games.

4.      Athletes who miss practice due to an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE will be subject to punishment at the discretion of Coach Flowe, which may include the restriction of playing time or, in the event of repeated violations, removal from the program.

5.        Do not expect to play if you miss all three work day practices during the week.  There are only three work days each week.  Much learning goes on during this time and athletes who miss fall behind the learning curve. We understand that players do get sick form time to time but we expect players to be at practice that have non-fever related illnesses (headache, stomach ache, etc). Those players may not be able to actively participate due to the illness, but they can still learn assignments and adjustments.

6.        Film watching of your opponent is mandatory. It is like homework. You will be given CD’s of the opposing team to watch on your computer at home during the week and you will be required to attend morning film sessions as linebackers, defensive backs, defensive linemen and offensive linemen.  Not showing up for these sessions means you don’t care and indicates that your priorities are OUT OF ORDER!!


Each student on the football team atParkviewHigh Schoolmust be eligible under the conditions set forth by the Georgia High School Association and the Gwinnett County Board of Education.  The major requirements for eligibility are:

  • Completed medical authorization (physical) and history form
  • Completed insurance waiver form
  • Meet residential zones
  • Must be “on track” towards graduation. 
  • Must pass 5 of 6 courses previous semester
  • All of these requirements can be viewed at


Each athlete must understand that academics have full priority over athletics.  The coaching staff fully supports the academic requirements set for athletes by the Georgia High School Association and the Gwinnett County Board of Education.

  • We expect our athletes to give instructors at ParkviewHigh Schoolcomplete respect at all times.  It is just as important to be gentlemen as it is to be a good football player.  These two qualities go hand in hand.  We expect our athletes to take an ACTIVE role in their academic progress.  The following plan explains our academic expectations for our football team members:
    • Study Hall (during the season) takes place from 2:15-3:10 on Monday and Thursday.  Athletes either attend help sessions with instructors or report to the study hall classroom supervised by coaches.
    • Throughout the course of the semester, progress reports will be issued to the athletes to get their instructors to sign and return to check academic progress.  Once a failing grade is identified, we will work with the athlete to encourage and identify the reason for the failing grade and work to pull that grade back up.
    • At any time an athlete begins failing 2 classes, the athlete is placed on the Weekly Progress Report Plan.  The athlete will then be issued a progress report form on Monday and be required to return it to his position coach on Thursday for those failing courses until the grade is pulled up. Showing progress on the report even though still failing will allow the athlete to continue to participate and play.  Failure to return the form by the due date will result in the athlete being unable to participate in the contest for that week at the discretion of the head coach. This is the responsibility of the athlete and NOT the instructor of the failing class.  This report will hopefully show the student making progress towards pulling the failing grade up.  The grade may not be able to change in a week’s time, but the student can still show progress by: getting help during study hall, completing homework assignments, participating in class, etc. Failure to show progress will result in athlete being unable to participate in the contest for that week.  If an athlete remains on the Weekly Progress Report plan for more than two weeks without showing progress will be placed on Academic Probation. (see next paragraph)
    • An athlete who fails to show progress for more than two weeks or at any time begins to fail 3 classes will be placed on Academic Probation. The athlete will remain on the weekly progress report plan for all courses involved, but will also not be allowed to dress out for any contests until the situation is resolved.  The athlete will remain on academic probation until adequate progress is made in the courses involved. When he gets back to only two failing grades and is making progress in those areas, he will be allowed to begin to play again  Once this is achieved, the athlete will be allowed to dress out for contests, but will remain on the Weekly Progress Report Plan until the end of the semester. If at anytime an athlete is failing 4 classes, he will be suspended from the team until he decides his school work is a priority.  We will not win with the attitude that school does not matter. 
    • The academic policy in place has proven to be successful and motivational.  If a PARENT ELECTS to remove an athlete from the team for academic or discipline reasons, the athlete will be required to turn in all issued equipment and will remain off the team until the conclusion of the season.  There will be no reinstatements.


    • During the off-season, the Weekly Progress Report Plan will continue unless the athlete is participating in an academic program for another sport.  We will work with the other sport to coordinate proof that academic progress is still being achieved.



 We expect our athletes to adhere to the disciplinary codes set by the school personnel.  Any athlete receiving in-school or out-of-school suspension will be suspended from football during his assigned days.  These problems will not be tolerated and will be dealt with promptly on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Every team member should clearly understand that he is expected to abstain from undesirable “activities” that are not compatible with or are counter-productive to the welfare of the team.  Individual excesses are detrimental to group successes!
  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverage or any tobacco or smoking materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Use or possession of any substance listed under the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (drugs) is prohibited.
  • An important trait a person can have is loyalty.  We would like to feel that each athlete is 100% behind all Parkview Football endeavors.  In the event that an athlete or parent does not understand something, is confused or has a complaint, we encourage discussions of the problems with the coach, without fear of recrimination or reprisal. 
  • Actions or attitudes that are detrimental to team morale or unity will not be tolerated. Instant removal from the team is possible on the 1st offense.