Mother’s Club

The Mother’s Club

     A close working relationship between parents, coaching staff, faculty and school administration will help to ensure that we graduate fine young men of whom we can all be proud.  We challenge the mother’s of our athletes to help make football an excellent experience for your child by getting involved and supporting the program. This will be a great experience for you and help to bring us all closer together as a Panther family.

Program Structure

The Parkview High School Mother’s Club consists of  mom volunteer’s who decorate the locker room’s, provide meals on Thursdays, and much more.

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What we do!

Mother’s Club is a support group for Parkview Football. Below is a list of the things we are involved in for the program and the person who has agreed to be in charge of that area for this football season. If you would like to help with one of the open areas, please let me know.

Tour of Homes – NEED SOMEONE

This is by far our biggest duty. We desperately need someone to head this up!! The date of the tour is December 1st!

Decorating Lockers- Tyran Thornton

This is done for players in the Varsity Locker Room on Thursdays nights! Tyran will give more information at the Mother’s Club Meeting.

Sunshine – Leigh Hickman

If a player gets hurt at practice or a game, Mother’s Club will send something to the player (candy, gift cards etc.) through Leigh.

Leigh will be collecting $5 per player to use for these needs.

Brookwood T-shirt – Ruth Scott

Ruth will come up with a design for a special t-shirt for the players to wear during the week of the Brookwood game. These shirts are available for any player to pre-purchase several weeks before the game. The cost will be around $10.

Senior Mom T-shirt – Theola Dubose

Senior Moms have a shirt to wear for home games.

Senior Week Organizer – Need Someone

Need senior mom to organize some events for senior players the week of October 29th to November 2nd. Not the senior night pre-game, but possibly a senior night dinner one night  during the week, as well as some goodies for the senior players.


We will meet on September 11th near the Field House and Track to paint banners that will be taped up before each of the home games. These banners are NOT the “run-throughs” that the cheerleaders make for the players.  Someone is needed to buy the paper supplies,  paint and brushes and organize the night of painting. The banners can be stored in the Field house and will need to be hung on the fence before the home games. You would be responsible for taping the banners to the chain link fence by the track before the home games.

Feeding the JV Players –  Ginger Whitley

These moms organize the collection of food items that are used to make goody bags for the JV players before their games. ALL parents are asked to send in supplies for these bags. These moms will also be responsible for putting these bags together on Thursday afternoons for the JV players, before their games.

Cheerleader Support – NEED SOMEONE

We need someone to make goody bags for the cheerleaders before some of their competitions. Items can be collected along with items for lockers and JV goody bags.

Senior Night – Fran Draper

Fran will organize the collection of yard signs on Thursday night, November 8th (before Senior Night on November 9th). Also responsible for setting the yard signs up on the side lines before the game on Friday and taking the yard signs down after the senior night ceremony. Senior parents will be responsible for getting their yard sign after the game. Fran will assist Sheila Wyatt with the pre-game events if needed.